Honor Roll

Bobbie Daniels

2021 KTS Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Bobbie Daniels

As Treasurer and member of the Board she has worked hard tracking all of the funds for the chorus. She keeps our events page up to date and keeps the chorus informed via email communication. She is always on top of everything and wants to get things done. 

Cathy Bilbrey

2020 KTS Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Cathy Bilbrey

Cathy gives all our new members such a warm welcome when they visit. She follows up to let them know they are wanted in our group and encourages them to keep coming. She has also done several TV spots to let people know about our chorus to grow our membership.

Kellie Phifer

2010 - 2022 Former Master 500 Director


Awarded to Kellie Phifer

K-Town Sound was incredibly proud and blessed to have Kellie Phifer as our original director. Kellie joined Sweet Adeline's in 1993, and has devoted her time and talents to mastering the art of Barbershop, including Master 500 director with K-Town Sound at 2019 Region 4 Contest. She continues to sing in medal winning quartets and choruses to this day,

Janet Brockman

2019 KTS Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Janet Brockman

Janet always gives her 110% to the chorus and has been our very successful Singing Valentines coordinator for several years.

Valerie Culpepper

2018 KTS Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Valerie Culpepper

For her tireless efforts of getting us singing "gigs."  Congratulations Valerie!


Donna Carnduff

2015 KTS Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Donna Carnduff

First K-Town Sound award for Sweet Adeline of the Year.

Donna Carnduff

2011 Chorus Star Award


Awarded to Donna Carnduff

Chorus Star Award to Donna Carnduff
At the 2011 Region 23 Summer Singsation event, Donna Carnduff was awarded the Chorus Star Award for her dedication and work with K-Town Sound Show Chorus.
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